Logottica Standards

In logottica we want this community of Graphic logo designers to be the best, if not, one of the best; Thats why we have standards for the artworks we receive.
I’m the sole judge of whether or not a logo makes it into the gallery. Some things I take into consideration are: how simple, memorable and versatile the logo is.
And not always a logo is accepted, and there is always a reason why.

What We Look For?

• Concept

• Creativity

• Typography

• Execution

• Presentation

• No Logo Templates
(ex. Logos with names like “Your Company Name”, “Your Tagline Goes Here,” etc.)

• Logo with a Brand Name
(ex. Do not put vague and generic names)

• Full Description (optional)
(we prefer a good full description, so if anybody looks for something you have…lets make them easy-to-find your work)

• Logo with typography (optional)
(sometimes a logo doesn´t need to have an image, it can be just typo, but if this is no the case, the image is better when it goes with type in it, don´t you think!)

• And please, please……NO CLIP ARTS!!!!