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brand identity for a family company based in mexico.
August 10, 20153662 viewsTravel
Photo Tours Abroad
Worldwide photography tours and workshops.
March 2, 20154737 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Photography, Transport, Travel
Fusion Freeze Creamery
Using the power of the instant freezing properties of liquid nitrogen, owners of Utah’s Fusion Freeze Creamery offer clients the ability not…
November 24, 201428409 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Science, Store, Travel
This logo was created for Hume Lake Christian Camps for their off-road/motocross annual event for men (Dudes In Rugged Terrain).
November 24, 201416428 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Sports, Transport, Travel
Odyssey Outdoor
Odyseey Outdoor – Something we created for an outdoor sports retailer, specialising in everything outdoors from camping, hiking, running etc.
January 14, 20143631 viewsAdventure, Entertainment, Logos, Sports, Store, Travel
Muzeum Slaska Cieszynskiego
Muzeum Slaska Cieszynskiego – Museum Cieszyn Silesia logo. Castle tower.
October 23, 201311107 viewsArchitecture, Entertainment, Logos, Travel
Zakopane Branding
Zakopane is a town in southern Poland. It lies in the southern part of the Podhale region at the foot of the…
April 7, 20135898 viewsBranding, Entertainment, Logos, Nature, Travel
A logo created for a Vintage Restaurant in Mexico. Case Study
January 24, 20136087 viewsBusiness, Catering, Design, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Travel, Vintage
Felix – Jump From Space
Congratulations to Felix Baumgartner and the team! Here’s the logo for this occasion. How it’s made:
October 19, 20123532 viewsAdventure, Design, Entertainment, Logos, People, Transport, Travel
This is a logo for an established restaurant that originally was a wine bar located in Cayman Islands. The original name of…
October 11, 20123667 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Logotype, Restaurant, Travel
Gringos Amigos
Gringos Amigos – New Mexican Restaurant. The Client wanted something that represent a real mexican topic including in it the “G” letter, that…
August 29, 20123763 viewsTravel
High Peek Images 2
Logo design for High Peek Images. High Peek Images specializes in scenic / landscape photography.
August 17, 20123293 viewsAdventure, Art, Entertainment, Logos, Nature, Parks, Photography, Production, studio, Travel
High Peek Images
Logo design for High Peek Images. High Peek Images specializes in scenic / landscape photography.
August 16, 20123299 viewsAdventure, Art, Logos, Nature, Photography, Production, studio, Travel
Created for an brazilian adventure group. “Guanaco” is a cousin of the Llamas. The variety of colors symbolize the variety of challenges…
July 16, 20127041 viewsTravel
This logo was done just for fun. Tanap is a national park in Slovakia and I just wanted to do something in…
June 21, 20128746 viewsBeauty, Design, Entertainment, Kids, Logos, Nature, Parks, Travel
Deep Photo
a logo concept made for a friend who is a scuba photographer.
April 4, 20123273 viewsTravel
Layaway Vaca
A logo for a vacation travel agency won at LT.
September 17, 20113103 viewsTravel
Romanza logo represents an old door lock for a luxury,old and romantic Italian hotel.
June 16, 20114808 viewsEntertainment, Food & Wine, Hotel, Logos, Restaurant, Services, Travel, Vintage
This dynamic outdoor brand would be great for: •Business related with sports and outdoor adventure.•Outwear apparel company.•Australian Outdoor Adventure Safari Agency SOLD…
June 6, 20112979 viewsTravel
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