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shawarma logo
This food logo can be perfect for doner  restaurants, food website, shawarma shops, kebab shop, food blog, food website, food app, restaurant…
August 18, 20192168 viewsRestaurant
almuerzos del moral™
brand identity for a mexican breakfast restaurant.
April 5, 20167483 viewsRestaurant
el tenedor de villa™
brand identity for a mexican cuisine restaurant based in spain.
August 5, 20154702 viewsRestaurant
Fusion Freeze Creamery
Using the power of the instant freezing properties of liquid nitrogen, owners of Utah’s Fusion Freeze Creamery offer clients the ability not…
November 24, 201429469 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Science, Store, Travel
Catfish Junction
Catfish Junction – A logo created for a restaurant specialising in seafood.
January 11, 201417085 viewsFood & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Clinton Hall
Clinton Hall – A new logo created for an upmarket beer hall in downtown NY.
January 10, 201417571 viewsBar, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Kiabacca is a logo created for a New York City Craft Beer & Pizza pub. Client ask for a Mellow Hipster Vibe…
December 30, 201329166 viewsRestaurant
Rustica logo of fine workmanship for a steakhouse. Detailed and clean, easily adaptable ache for a restaurant.
November 7, 201315504 viewsFood & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Maravilla (wonder, beauty) is a logo of class and simplicity. Suitable for restaurants, B & B, sites used for events. The lines,simple…
August 19, 20135876 viewsEntertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Weddings
A logo to be used for a liquor store. A restaurant with a large bar and liquor. Logo very strong with an…
August 16, 20137102 viewsBar, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Funny logo for coffee-bar / Ideal for these industries: Food & Beverages / Tags that describe this logo: coffe, cafè, bar, food,…
August 16, 20135814 viewsAnimal, Business, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Bread A Holics
Bread a holics
July 6, 20133677 viewsBusiness, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Vintage
Fresh Fruits
Fresh fruits
July 1, 20133932 viewsBranding, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Go Fetch
Logo for grocery or fast food restaurant delivery, sold at Brandcrowd.
May 16, 20134308 viewsFood & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Services, Store, Transport
Imperial Seafood
Imperial Seafood is a sea food restaurant, a part of The Aqua Group.
May 13, 20133354 viewsBusiness, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Services
The Aqua Group
The Aqua Group is a F&B business (Restaurant and Entertainment Management Group).
May 10, 20133444 viewsEntertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Casillero del Diablo
This is a real story: More than 100 years ago, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, reserved for himself an exclusive batch…
April 13, 20135913 viewsBranding, Design, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Tochka – Brand design for the restaurant
March 21, 20133743 viewsCatering, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Restaurant, Vintage
Eat&More is a loyalty program for restaurant chain.
February 14, 20133774 viewsEntertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Lovell Brothers – Wrappers Delight
Logo Stamp for Lovell Brothers; a travelling catering company specialising in wraps.
February 4, 20134226 viewsBusiness, Catering, Design, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Services, Vintage
A logo created for a Vintage Restaurant in Mexico. Case Study
January 24, 20136492 viewsBusiness, Catering, Design, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Travel, Vintage
BAR RESTAURANT Branding for a fresh, new & minimal bar restaurant.
January 21, 20133540 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
This is a logo for an established restaurant that originally was a wine bar located in Cayman Islands. The original name of…
October 11, 20123956 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Logotype, Restaurant, Travel
Quick logo just for fun.
July 6, 20123642 viewsDesign, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Services
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