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brand identity for an e-commerce platform based in mexico.
July 10, 2020560 viewsInternet
Dwig Project
I’m currently working on a project and here is the final logo. It was a good challenge for me to create it…
September 21, 20177297 viewsBranding, Business, Internet, Logotype, Network, Software, Technology, website
Space Journey
Simple and professional logo that represents a combination of a space helmet and a star.
July 5, 201712133 viewsAdventure, Branding, Communication, Computer, Entertainment, Internet, logomark
Online website community for readers and book recommendations.
February 10, 201429226 viewsEducation, Educational, Entertainment, Internet, Logos, social, website
Scare Games
Logo for an emerging manufacturer of games. Format with a simple lettering style Old Inglese. Easily adaptable and printable / Ideal for…
August 13, 20133541 viewsBusiness, Game, Internet, Logos, Software
Web domain security, a seek & destroy service for irradicating false domains similar to your own that contain harmful or misleading content.…
July 22, 20134555 viewsInternet, Logos, Services, Technology, website
Logo for
May 10, 201312226 viewsAnimal, Business, Internet, Logos, Software
“ecostar” is a great logo that is suitable for companies activating in various industries such as: ecological foundations, green energy, research, Internet…
April 14, 20136530 viewsBusiness, Eco Friendly, Entertainment, Internet, Logos
Owls Department Branding
Owls is a small company based in Krakow, Lesser Poland. This is a great and creative web and design studio. They are…
April 6, 201314196 viewsAgency, Branding, Business, Design, Internet, Logos, Media, Services, studio, website
Simbolo Branding
Simbolo* provide programming, software engineering and design services for web-based applications for business (including handheld devices) in their London based studio. They…
April 5, 201311462 viewsAbstract, Branding, Computer, Design, Engineering, Internet, Logos, Services, Software, website
Abstract Tower
“abstractower” is abstract+ tower. A colorful logo that can be used in branding various companies from a wide range of industries such…
March 28, 20134967 viewsAbstract, Advertising, Agency, Business, Design, Internet, Logos, studio
Knight’s Tie
“Knight’s Tie” is a logo that depicts two symbols shaped within one! The first symbol is a sword and the second is…
March 26, 20133836 viewsBusiness, Internet, Logos, Media, Production, Software
This is the logo for my previous website / blog and the T-shirts I designed for promotion last year. website existed…
December 12, 20123151 viewsDesign, Internet, Logos, website
Hatimeria is a company producing dedicated software for various businesses (e.g. CRM systems). In general, they create programs that help to improve…
November 13, 20123927 viewsBusiness, Computer, Internet, Logos, Management, Software
Dingole (meaning: to fling away; to dance with unusual abandon) is a group buying site that allows users to get huge discounts…
November 11, 20123324 viewsDesign, Entertainment, Internet, Logos
bez powodu
Inspirational website and facebook page revolving around Osho`s thoughts on happiness. In a nutshell: being happy “for no reason at all” (in…
November 11, 20124942 viewsDesign, Internet, Logos
Easy Chat Logo
Easy Chat Logo Design for Sale! • CMYK • Fully editable EPS and Ai • Easy to Change Color and Text •…
June 1, 20127250 views3d logos, Communication, Internet, Logos, Media, Network, People, social
Social Wave Logo
Social Wave Logo Design for Sale! • CMYK • Fully editable EPS and Ai • Easy to Change Color and Text •…
April 3, 20124301 views3d logos, Internet, Logos, Network, People
logo made for a premium domain reseller in Poland.
March 28, 20123167 viewsInternet
Personal project / Work in progress
February 20, 20123866 viewsInternet
Locknet logo
Logo I designed for a project that wasn’t realised. Expressing safety and security.
November 14, 20113225 viewsInternet
Parrotfish Media
Parrotfish Media is a one-person studio based in Buffalo, NY. We build hand-coded standards-based websites that look good and function properly. Most…
October 18, 20113181 viewsInternet
Cherry software
Using the upper shape of letters – r – also for the shape of cherries. Customized and hand written font.
July 11, 201111283 viewsBusiness, Computer, Electronics, Entertainment, Game, Internet, Logos, Network, Software
Bananbo name and logo is imaged for web application but can be used for much more, such as fruit industry brand, fashion…
June 16, 20113701 viewsBusiness, clothes, Fashion, Food & Wine, Internet, Logos, website
Media Bulldogs
Media Bulldogs is a company that helps companies attain additional streams of revenue. List monetization/ affiliate network/ agency/ full service interactive marketing…
June 3, 20112992 viewsInternet
The missing link
May 25, 20113575 viewsInternet
Logo for an online magazine.
May 17, 20112932 viewsInternet
Digital Agency
May 13, 20114191 viewsInternet
Formiko Media
Work for an interactive agency. Formiko means an ant in Esperanto. So it was a simple task – all Mootto had to…
May 6, 20113391 viewsAdvertising, Agency, Animal, Design, Interactive, Internet, Logos
Toad King
Conceptual logo for a online game developer
Rand Internet Marketing
A SEO company in South Florida
May 4, 20113773 viewsInternet
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