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Creative geek. Gaming fanatic. Nescafe exterminator. Sports lover. A friend.

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Working on identity for CTP and digital print house.
February 6, 20163122 viewsProduction
N mark
Monogram / mark for a sunglass brand.
October 11, 20133793 viewslogomark, Logos, Monogram, Products
UK – Personal monogram
UK – Personal monomark.
July 12, 20135320 viewsDesign, logomark, Logos, Monogram
Home Care
This is the V1 of a project for a Home care business.
February 12, 20133796 viewsHealth, Logos, Logotype, Medical, Services
This is a logo for an established restaurant that originally was a wine bar located in Cayman Islands. The original name of…
October 11, 20123131 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Logotype, Restaurant, Travel
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