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Creative geek. Gaming fanatic. Nescafe exterminator. Sports lover. A friend.

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Working on identity for CTP and digital print house.
February 6, 20163011 viewsProduction
Hongi Brand mark for an Asian fashion & lifestyle brand, which sells luxury leather goods. A few keywords that I had to…
November 19, 20134641 viewsLogos
N mark
Monogram / mark for a sunglass brand.
October 11, 20133714 viewslogomark, Logos, Monogram, Products
Inspiration came from a gramophone. Designed for companies that handle books, libraries and events that promote the dissemination of culture / Ideal…
August 26, 20137341 viewsServices
UK – Personal monogram
UK – Personal monomark.
July 12, 20135181 viewsDesign, logomark, Logos, Monogram
Swanart – In the designer’s words: Brand for creative agency, design agency and similar / Ideal for these industries: Design & Creative…
July 3, 201318072 viewsAgency, Art, Branding, Design, Logos
Home entertainment and security systems. Client wanted a modern, minimalistic and abstract depiction of a lion`s head. Other keywords included: smart, honest,…
November 20, 20122901 viewsAbstract, Business, Electronics, Entertainment, Logos, Logotype, Security
advertising agency
May 27, 20113987 viewsAdvertising
Beer – combination of hive and beer.
May 14, 20113832 viewsRestaurant
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