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I am a freelance graphic designer from Germany with.
Specializing in Branding and Print Design.

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Smart Writer
Very good brand for every kind of office and buisness serviceses and also nice for bookstores or office supplies.
August 22, 20113734 viewsBusiness, Logos, Logotype
Lucky Number
Lucky Number–> Here you can see a “L” for Lucky and in the negative space the “N” (for Number) and bilateral the…
August 22, 20113456 viewsGame
Chilinism is a very funny mark for restaurant with serving spicy food and good for t-shirt print. I combined the words, chili…
August 19, 20112822 viewsRestaurant
Penamite. Pen+Dynamite=Penamite:-) Very funny and colorful illustration.
August 19, 20112741 viewsGame
Snailtrip is avery funny mark. You can see in the negative space a snail….and the snail conquered the moon too (not only…
August 18, 20112647 viewsAnimal
I combined the words “Exotic” and “Animals” to Exonima. Here your can see a shark and in the negative space a…
August 18, 20112983 viewsAnimal
You can see in this mark a film reel and a paint pallet.
August 17, 20112926 viewsArt
Fear Door
Fear Door is a very effective mark. You can see a “F” and a Door on the negative space. This brand have…
August 16, 20113972 viewsEntertainment
Crushed is a well mark for different web activity. Inside the mark, you can see a fist with a crashed “C” (for…
August 15, 20113786 viewsSports
Poison was sold to:
August 15, 20112971 viewsBeauty
Very funny mark, with nice negative space effect. Sold to:
August 15, 20113223 viewsNature
Incast is a combination of the words Inca and Caste. Concept for a restaurant.
May 21, 20112991 viewsRestaurant
Egg Thief
Very funny mark for clothing/t-shirt, fast food and more. The name can be changed also in Egg Mac:-)
May 21, 20114585 viewsFood & Wine
Viaviva is a very nice minimal and geometrical brand. It consists only from the “V” (look inside the font:- Well for bars…
May 21, 20112782 viewsEntertainment
Creative Tools
Creative tools is a very well brand for design and creative services. Created for the Organisation that promote kids with art…
May 21, 20113625 viewsArt
Chic is a very funny and nice mark for fashion area and more – to anything else that you may see…
May 21, 20114129 viewsLogos
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