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More than 140 logos sold around the world since 1998, If you need a new logo or illustration project or maybe improve the existing one you already own send me a message about your needs and i will respond 24/7.
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Elegant logo wich combines a letter “G” inside griffin’s body a magnificent mythological creature, great logo suitable for a wide range of…
February 25, 20145450 viewsAnimal, Business, Logos
Online website community for readers and book recommendations.
February 10, 201429211 viewsEducation, Educational, Entertainment, Internet, Logos, social, website
WA Amateur Football League
New logo for community Australian Rules football competition in the metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia, the client needed a redesign using…
August 21, 20133480 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Sports
Zingo San Francisco was a designated driving company that drives you and your car home, closed all business operations, unfortunately this logo…
May 22, 201310900 viewsBusiness, Logos, Services, Transport
A mobile device management security solution offering highly tuned control over the flow of data and execution of logic on a mobile…
May 18, 20133353 viewsComputer, Logos, Mobile, Security, Services
Go Fetch
Logo for grocery or fast food restaurant delivery, sold at Brandcrowd.
May 16, 20134152 viewsFood & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Services, Store, Transport
Fifth Road Films
Ideal logo for online streaming video site or for film media abstractly, basically a 3 elements combination: film strip, number 5 and…
April 24, 20125081 viewsFilms, Logos, Media, Video
A cool, aggressive, elegant and strong distinctive pictorial brand that can be useful for any industrial company, security business, automotive services or…
April 23, 20127739 viewsBusiness, Cars, Industrial, Logos, Security, Software
Legion Coffee
Suitable elegant logo for bistros, cafes, restaurants or coffee shop chains, coffee retailer, supplier of Automatic Coffee Machines and anything in the…
February 10, 20123251 viewsFood & Wine
Ideal logo brand for business related on repairing and selling electric bicycles and Scooters. Ready for sale at :
February 10, 20123142 viewsTransport
Ideal logo for sale ready to represent: •Marketing & Consulting •Creative process in any industry •Special education to improve kids level. Get…
February 8, 20124791 viewsConsulting
For sale at Brandcrowd: Great retro nostalgic logo for bikers, enthusiasts, motorcycle service, accessories, workshops and anything related with motor…
February 8, 20123318 viewsTransport
Ideal logo for sale at Brandcrowd: This brand logo might be useful for: •High end kitchen store •Catering company •Cooking companies…
February 7, 20123263 viewsFood & Wine
Illustrative Logo for sale at Brandcrowd: It might work for: •Poultry business •Barbecue restaurant •Mexican food catering business •Strong beverage or Beer…
February 7, 20123210 viewsEntertainment
Parrotfish Media
Parrotfish Media is a one-person studio based in Buffalo, NY. We build hand-coded standards-based websites that look good and function properly. Most…
October 18, 20113181 viewsInternet
Tribotone makes guitar slides and tone-bars for playing steel guitar and traditional guitar music.
August 26, 201116769 viewsMusic
Pegasus International
Logo for a company that sells and assesses tests used to predict employee performance, management potential, and employee potential for organizations.
July 18, 20114014 viewsConsulting
This logo is perfect for children, games industry or any eco-friendly company based of electric products, for sale at
June 6, 20114485 viewsElectrical
This brand is versatile enough to match with any industry or business, and i guess it might be good for any marketing…
June 6, 20113145 viewsConsulting
This dynamic outdoor brand would be great for: •Business related with sports and outdoor adventure.•Outwear apparel company.•Australian Outdoor Adventure Safari Agency SOLD…
June 6, 20113082 viewsTravel
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