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More than 140 logos sold around the world since 1998, If you need a new logo or illustration project or maybe improve the existing one you already own send me a message about your needs and i will respond 24/7.
Ready made logos availible at:

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revotype commented on Flickshooter 13 March 2012, 17:50
Thanks Jeffrey glad you like it
revotype commented on Fashion Folder 13 March 2012, 17:47
Thanks Jeffrey :)
Revotype commented on Ecowine 28 July 2011, 00:08
Well you ever know how creative people gets sometimes with names, thanks leo.
Revotype commented on Kick it Club 28 July 2011, 00:00
Hey Leo congrats for your first logo contest won at LT, let's hope more to come soon!
Revotype commented on Music Lab 01 July 2011, 22:05
Thanks for your comments guys
Revotype commented on London Urban Films 01 July 2011, 06:24
Thanks Manu (:
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