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Peter Vasvari was learned in Graphic Design and Visual Education Department, and Secondary School Teacher diploma, HAFA in Hungary. Continued his training abroad the VANTAA Evtek Muotoiluinstituutti EVITech Institute of Arts and Design, Helsinki, Vantaa Spring semester Graphic Design Department in Finland. He works as a freelance designer and founder and creativ director, in the his own company. Has a number of implemented projects in Hungary and abroad, for example from the U.S.A. to New Zealand. Vasvari works primarily in the field of corporate and visual identities, logotypes and branding. His works have been featured in numerous design publications worldwide. Characteristic of his work, intellectual and well-known products are the positive and negative space playing logos, trademarks. Style Creator's work due to the field in 2011 and known as a unique international forum for LogoLounge LogoLounge is selected his Peter one's logo work include the current logo trends. Also in 2011, the Australian Academy of Design, an internal publication he was one of the invited author. In 2013 he was invited to one of the logos for inclusion in educational materials lessons as the Gemological Institute of America, Inc., USA//////////New Honors and Awards//////////Identity: Best of the Best 2010 - international brand design contest, Shortlist, Russia (2010)
Third International Festival of the "Wait Of Morning" Award, Iran (2010)
The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2010, Bronze Award, China (2011)
LogoLounge Trends Report, U.S.A. (2011)
Wolda Professional Awards "Best of Hungary" - the worldwide logo design annual, Italy (2011)
The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2011, Silver and Bronze Award, China (2012)
Design from best 2012 - worldwide logo & identity design contest: 3., 4., 4., 5., 5., Places, Russia (2012)[6]
11th Golden Drawing-Pin Prize 2012, "For the outstanding designer graphic activity of the latter years prize", Hungary (2012)
The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2012, Bronze Award, China (2013)

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