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Mootto is a design studio specializing in graphic design and web design services. Our works are recognizable, simple, adequate and up-to-date. We offer tailored designs and flexible terms of service.

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Work for a physiotherapy services company. The brand genltly sways with a sea wave.
July 6, 20117093 viewsMedical
Work for a company specializing in tree care. A branching, healthy tree inscribed in a letter “O”. A simple yet universal logotype…
June 13, 20113320 viewsNature
Work for an electric service company. It wasn’t difficult – all Mootto had to do was to add a plug to make…
May 6, 20115160 viewsElectrical
Work for computer games shop. Mootto created a new game character. Looks too simple? It consists of all the pixels necessary –…
May 6, 20112984 viewsGame
RG Projekt
Work for a company providing geodesy and cartography services. For Mootto it means tracing lines on the globe and that’s exactly what…
May 6, 20112947 viewsEngineering
Formiko Media
Work for an interactive agency. Formiko means an ant in Esperanto. So it was a simple task – all Mootto had to…
May 6, 20113009 viewsAdvertising, Agency, Animal, Design, Interactive, Internet, Logos
Work for a company specializing in security guarding services. It’s both a security camera and an observing eye.
May 6, 20118734 viewsBusiness, Logos, Security, Services, Video
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