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Ponder is the product of a self-initiated logo experiment, exploring different ways of conveying the thought process. Looking particularly at the bringing…
July 8, 20112661 viewsAbstract
Logo design for Business Consulting firm based in Ahmedabad, India.
July 7, 20112555 viewsConsulting
Eternal Foundations
The client wanted a visual that would help represent the importance of being deeply-rooted in one’s faith, yet on a pursuit of…
July 4, 20112887 viewsReligion
Logo design for a traditional Turkish coffeehouse chain.
June 25, 20113243 viewsRestaurant
Kilowatt Electric Bikes
A high-end electric bike manufacturer. Their flagship bike has a bamboo frame.
June 24, 20114274 viewsManufacturing
E.F. Cuttin
Logo design for E.F. Cuttin, a Dj based in West Palm Beach. Florida.
June 22, 20112690 viewsMusic
R. Rooster BBQ Company
Final logo for a barbecue restaurant and catering business.
June 21, 20113014 viewsRestaurant
June 20, 20112615 viewsAnimal
Creative Squall
The mark plays off the duel meanings of the word squall, the sound of a war-cry or the roar of a strong…
June 20, 20112986 viewsDesign
Logo design for Kyly – wedding photography.
June 20, 20112982 viewsPhotography
Production Company, TV Design
June 20, 20112492 viewsProduction
Logo for my freelance studio.
June 20, 20112225 viewsDesign
808 2nd Street
A logo design developed for a New York based restaurant.
June 19, 20112234 viewsRestaurant
Robin Bond
Logo design Robin Bond
June 16, 20113038 viewsBusiness
Work for a company specializing in tree care. A branching, healthy tree inscribed in a letter “O”. A simple yet universal logotype…
June 13, 20113012 viewsNature
Roundel Motorcars
Based in Atlanta, GA – Roundel Motorcars are not your typical used car dealership – It’s their driving passion for pre-loved vehicles…
June 11, 20113932 viewsCars
The Orchard
Logo for The Orchard (unused proposal), has been redesigned for The Tubridge Ranch – the Equine (Horse) Therapy, counseling, and experiential learning…
June 8, 20116205 viewsMedical
FD | Francisdrake® Design
FD logo is Francisdrake Design, if you rotate it to 90 degrees you can see the face of Francisdrake (D is smile,…
May 28, 20118781 views3d logos
advertising agency
May 27, 20113964 viewsAdvertising
Concept for Wallrus a company focused on the adnetwork for smartphones
May 27, 20112776 viewsCommunication
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