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Gringos Amigos
Gringos Amigos – New Mexican Restaurant. The Client wanted something that represent a real mexican topic including in it the “G” letter, that…
August 29, 20123057 viewsTravel
High Peek Images
Logo design for High Peek Images. High Peek Images specializes in scenic / landscape photography.
August 16, 20122718 viewsAdventure, Art, Logos, Nature, Photography, Production, studio, Travel
Logo design proposal for Encon, management in sustainable energy.
July 10, 20122844 viewsBusiness, Eco Friendly, Energy, Logos
Quick logo just for fun.
July 6, 20122798 viewsDesign, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Services
Eye of the Hurricane
Identity & logo design for Dutch entertainment company Eye of the Hurricane.
July 4, 20122728 viewsLogos
This logo was done just for fun. Tanap is a national park in Slovakia and I just wanted to do something in…
June 21, 20127059 viewsBeauty, Design, Entertainment, Kids, Logos, Nature, Parks, Travel
Fifth Road Films
Ideal logo for online streaming video site or for film media abstractly, basically a 3 elements combination: film strip, number 5 and…
April 24, 20124252 viewsFilms, Logos, Media, Video
Deep Photo
a logo concept made for a friend who is a scuba photographer.
April 4, 20122736 viewsTravel
a concept made for fun – came up with a idea once and wanted to develop it quickly before it vanishes.
April 3, 20122706 viewsPeople
a logo for a very unique, small italian language school in Warsaw/Poland.
April 3, 20122947 viewsEducational
Powiat Sredzki v3
third concept for the Powiat Sredzki region in Poland – showing a old castle on the water – theatre nowadays – a…
April 2, 20123324 viewsCommunity Services
Powiat Sredzki v2
second concept for the Powiat Sredzki region in Poland – this time showing a gothic tower – a part of a great…
April 2, 20122552 viewsCommunity Services
Pink Jelly
a concept made for fun – for a aquaristic shop offering salt water organisms
March 30, 20122484 viewsAnimal
Polish Film Commission v2
another concept for Polish film commission – locating foreign movie productions in Poland
March 30, 20122308 viewsEntertainment
Polish Film Commission v1
a concept made for a new Polish film commission – organization locating foreign movie productions in Poland.
March 30, 20122866 viewsEntertainment
Cozy Cream
Cozy Creamis an unused logo concept. Contact the designer to purchase this logo.
March 16, 20123544 viewsFood & Wine
LION is an unused logo concept. Contact the designer to purchase this logo.
March 15, 20123035 viewsLogos
Space Ace Playing Cards
Space Ace Premium Playing Cards are top-of-the-line, black core playing cards soon to be offered through Nowstaligc Toys Inc. of Reynoldsburg,…
March 14, 20124962 viewsEntertainment
Heritage at Kentuscany
Heritage at Kentuscany is a small winery located in the heart of Kentucky. The wine label will officially launch in Spring…
March 13, 20122675 viewsFood & Wine
Logo for a fast food restaurant. Logo para restaurant de comida rápida.
March 2, 20124749 viewsFood & Wine
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