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Frais is a dietary studio from Poland. The brand name comes from French and means fresh. Our goal was to design logo…
June 25, 20135220 viewsstudio
Accuras is an engineering/pre-fabrication company, specialising in steel sheeting & roofing solutions. Blue & yellow represent Accuras’ product durability over of conditions…
June 5, 20133277 viewsLogos
Adaptive – Food Science This deals with the nature of inducing chemical nourishment into the system. A focus on things like protein…
May 20, 20139975 viewsHealth
Du Oil
Oil company
May 15, 20132579 viewsAbstract, Business, Energy, Logos
Valdibox is a brand of unique collectible models. Each model is made of only one flat steel element that later bends accordingly…
May 14, 20133029 viewsLogos
Over 50s Snowboarding
A logo created for a site dedicated to snowboarding for the Over 50’s!
May 13, 20132933 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Logos, Sports
Lilypads & Lemondrops
Developed for my sister’s startup. Lilypads & Lemondrops make all kinds of things out of fabric & stitching; tea cosies, ipod covers,…
May 12, 20132673 viewsLogos
Devereaux Bakehouse
Devereaux specialise in blends; fruit & nut blends, spice & cream blends, they also make their own herbal tea blends. All their…
May 7, 20132338 viewsBusiness, Food & Wine, Logos
CDK Industry Trading
Cao Duy Khai Industry Trading (CDK) was established in 2003, with 12 different services. Since established, CDK has done many projects specializing…
May 2, 20132650 viewsAbstract, Branding, Business, Industrial, Logos, Services, Transport
For Neuerlehrer (New Tutor) an education provider. This concept deals with the idea of well-balanced study. The mortarboard of course doubling as…
May 2, 20132911 viewsEducation
Social Sway
Custom (hand) lettering for Social Sway, a company based in Caïro, that provides internet marketing & business development for sustainable businesses, social…
April 19, 20132838 viewswebsite
Casillero del Diablo
This is a real story: More than 100 years ago, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, reserved for himself an exclusive batch…
April 13, 20134351 viewsBranding, Design, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Simflow Branding
Simflow Logo concept for startup company designing software for flow simulations and thermal calculations. Computational fluid dynamics, usually abbreviated as CFD, is…
April 11, 20134588 viewsLogos, Science, Services, Software
Energy Marketing Branding
Energy Marketing is a marketing consultancy agency from Dublin, Ireland offering a complete range of marketing services across a broad spectrum of…
April 11, 20132461 viewsAdvertising, Agency, Business, Consulting, Logos, Media
Pruvera Concept
Pruvera Brand concept
April 10, 20132440 viewsLogos
Rogues Gallery Branding
In 2012 we created concept identity for Rogues Gallery. Rogues is a Los Angeles-based Motion Graphics, CG/VFX company that specialized in photo…
April 8, 201313101 viewsAdvertising, Agency, Branding, Logos, Logotype, Photography, studio
Moove Rebranding & Packaging
Moove MTB Components concept. Logo rebranding and packaging proposition. Moove prepare high quality bike parts like bike pedals and other MTB accessories.…
April 8, 201311384 viewsAdventure, Branding, Business, Logos, Manufacturing, Sports, Transport
WW jewelry
Corporate identity for the small family jewelry workshop. We wanted to keep a reference to the initials of the founder and combine…
April 7, 20132431 viewsBusiness, Logos, Store
Zakopane Branding
Zakopane is a town in southern Poland. It lies in the southern part of the Podhale region at the foot of the…
April 7, 20134818 viewsBranding, Entertainment, Logos, Nature, Travel
Owls Department Branding
Owls is a small company based in Krakow, Lesser Poland. This is a great and creative web and design studio. They are…
April 6, 201311135 viewsAgency, Branding, Business, Design, Internet, Logos, Media, Services, studio, website
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