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Las Palomas Cocina Tradicional
Las Palomas – Paloma Compean is a traditional and authentic Mexican food lover entrepreuner with the desire of upgrading her food business…
November 15, 20132737 viewsBranding
The aim of «S.T.o.Re» project is to offer physicians a respectable intellectual framework – no longer rooted in this old-fashioned mind/body dualism…
November 13, 20133646 viewsHealth, Logos, Medical, Services
A logo that expresses the free spirit of those who love photography and culture of bikers. Simple lines, but clear in the…
November 11, 20133046 viewsPhotography
Muzeum Slaska Cieszynskiego
Muzeum Slaska Cieszynskiego – Museum Cieszyn Silesia logo. Castle tower.
October 23, 20139013 viewsArchitecture, Entertainment, Logos, Travel
StefaniaV Branding
Branding and Corporate identity for the photographer Stefania Vryoni in Athens / Greece
October 15, 20133546 viewsBranding, Entertainment, Logos, Photography
Bassis / Home made Honey Greece
Branding for home made honey “BASSIS / Μπάσης”.
October 14, 201323427 viewsAnimal, Branding, Business, Food & Wine, Logos
Basic Invite – rebranding
Rebranding for Basic Invite, a company that provides (wedding) invites and stationary.
September 10, 20132935 viewsWeddings
Keys of Art
In the designer’s words: An elegant logo infused with meaning. Functional both in the color version and in the version in black…
August 29, 20133396 viewsArt, Entertainment, Logos
Inspiration came from a gramophone. Designed for companies that handle books, libraries and events that promote the dissemination of culture / Ideal…
August 26, 20137167 viewsServices
Love a Child
A logo created with the technique in single line. Simple and easy riproducilbile. A mother or father who embraces a child. For…
August 19, 20132561 viewsChurch, Education, Educational, Logos, Non profit
A logo is simple and straightforward. A letter S formed by a snake that turns on itself. Inspired by the famous game.…
August 19, 201322496 viewsAnimal, Communication, Design, Game, Logos, Services
Funny logo for coffee-bar / Ideal for these industries: Food & Beverages / Tags that describe this logo: coffe, cafè, bar, food,…
August 16, 20134840 viewsAnimal, Business, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Swan Jewelry
Cool icon with a swan and a diamond shape inside it / Ideal for these industries: Cosmetics & Jewelry / Tags that…
August 16, 20138104 viewsAnimal, Beauty, Business, Jewelry, Logos
«What else is life, apart from the joy that springs from wellbeing» says Francois Rabelais (1483-1553) author of Gargantua. The basic idea…
August 5, 20132842 viewsBranding
eco llantas™
brand identity for a revitalized tires company based in mexico.
July 27, 20134733 viewsTransport
NW STUDIO is owned by jewellery design student Nicole Waniowska who gathered experience in academy of Applied Art Lodz, Fachhochschule Dusseldorf and…
July 18, 20132998 viewsArt, Branding, Business, Design, Logos
Underground Tattoo
Underground Tattoo shares a balance between the skills of its artistry and the commitment to be a roaring force in world that…
July 18, 20134688 viewsstudio
Glimm Technology
Glimm is a group of ambitious and dynamic people with passion for technology and marketing
July 10, 20132792 viewsAgency, Branding, Logos, Marketing, Technology
Ekstremalne Gotowanie TV
This is the logo of WebTV for a slightly different look for cooking. The brandname means Extreme Cooking TV.
July 10, 20132545 viewsEntertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, TV, website
Bird and worm
Bird and Worm got to collection 99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration by Awwwards.com
June 27, 20135361 viewsLogos
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