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Bakery to Go
Identidad de marca para los productos de pastelería de la cocina del InterContinental Nordelta.
December 3, 20152328 viewsDelivery
Centro de Reciclaje de la Ciudad
Identidad para el primer Centro de reciclaje de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
December 3, 20156634 viewsBranding
Identidad de marca del Estudio de Ingeniería Civil Calissano
December 3, 20152738 viewsBranding
Conmemoración de los veinte años de la Asociación de Aseguradoras de Vida y retiro de la República Argentina.
November 30, 20152168 viewsInsurance
Harley Gray
Harley Gray Kitchen & Bar
November 24, 20152797 viewsBar
Chinese Food
Chinese restaurant take out box logo 10
October 12, 20154421 viewsFood & Wine
Logotype designed for a yoga studio, based on a “Name mandala” (www.namemandalas.com). Logo incorporates various positive symbols and meanings.
September 23, 20152855 viewslogomark
Toy Box
A colorful logo featuring toys splashing out from a box
September 21, 20153837 viewsKids
brand identity for a dermatology clinic based in mexico.
August 25, 20153069 viewsHealth
brand identity for a food services company based in mexico.
August 13, 20157910 viewsFood & Wine
brand identity for a family company based in mexico.
August 10, 20153044 viewsTravel
el tenedor de villa™
brand identity for a mexican cuisine restaurant based in spain.
August 5, 20153422 viewsRestaurant
brand identity for a local water council based in mexico.
August 3, 20153292 viewsServices
brand identity for an architectural firm based in mexico.
July 30, 20153149 viewsArchitecture
This logo was created for Hume Lake Christian Camps for their off-road/motocross annual event for men (Dudes In Rugged Terrain).
November 24, 201415806 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Sports, Transport, Travel
jorge quiñones™
brand identity for a patrimonial consulting firm based in mexico.
April 21, 20145569 viewsFinancial
M monogram for a motion, 3D and audio/visual designer.
April 16, 201413907 viewsDesign, logomark, Logos, Production, Video
Kiabacca is a logo created for a New York City Craft Beer & Pizza pub. Client ask for a Mellow Hipster Vibe…
December 30, 201325930 viewsRestaurant
M / monogram
M / monogram I did for a friend, who’s an illustrator.
December 16, 20135484 viewsCalligraphy, logomark, Logos, Monogram
Hongi Brand mark for an Asian fashion & lifestyle brand, which sells luxury leather goods. A few keywords that I had to…
November 19, 20134712 viewsLogos
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