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Suburban Farmer
Logo design for a agricultural website blog for modern farmers.
February 6, 201629808 viewsLogos
Right Book
Which book is right? 🙂
February 6, 201635697 viewsLogos
OneMic Magazine Logo
Logo work for online music magazine. Unused proposal.
February 6, 201650195 viewsLogos
LightPass.org Logo
Client work.
February 6, 20162860 viewsLogos
The Daily MD
Logo design for medical blog.
February 6, 20162226 viewsLogos
The Alchemist Logo
Logo design for Alchemist – beard oil.
February 6, 20162735 viewsLogos
Agile Testers
Client work. Redesign of the old logo for one tester’s community from Brazil.
February 6, 20161996 viewsLogos
Norwegian Pride
Logo design from 2013. for Norwegian clothing manufacturer.
February 6, 20161740 viewsLogos
Working on identity for CTP and digital print house.
February 6, 20162892 viewsProduction
Feather Logo
Just for fun 🙂
February 5, 20165213 viewslogomark
Coda Queue
Coda Queue is a software for the queues management within waiting rooms (doctors, shops and similar).
February 5, 20161660 viewsLogos
Trakt & Tone
Logo for private music school in Norway.
February 5, 20162110 viewsLogos
Client’s work.
February 5, 20161935 viewsLogos
Greenz Logo
Client work. Providing a healthy and environment friendly businesses and factories.
February 4, 20162045 viewsLogotype
Simple Interships Logo Stamp
Stamp design for new company that organizes worldwide internships and helping people get employed.
February 4, 20162255 viewsLogos
February 4, 20161766 viewsHealth
LionThemes Logo
Logo for personal project.
February 4, 20162629 viewsLogotype
Sticky S
Exploring with letters. Just for fun 🙂
February 4, 20161913 viewsLogos
Cheesetoast logo
Logo for sale. http://www.brandcrowd.com/logo-design/details/73183  
February 3, 20161753 viewsBar
Accepted logo for new SEO company called ThriveGround. Motto: “Let’s thrive together!”
February 3, 20161723 viewsLogos
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