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Wear brand
May 13, 20112325 viewsDesign
Digital Agency
May 13, 20113516 viewsInternet
WOWCHA! Is a printed book of discount vouchers that is distributed to local homes. Each voucher offers discounted rates on products and…
May 12, 20113910 viewsPeople
Fashion Images
Logotype for Fashion Images blog.
May 10, 20112798 viewsFashion
Anna’s Choice
Logo for a tea, coffee and related accessories webshop. Old Anna is back 😉
May 10, 20114301 viewsVintage
Logo for flag producer. Main idea is the basic symbol of the flag with progressive colour.
May 8, 201114814 views3d logos
Evoluto is logo for italian furniture seller. Main idea for this logo was evolution, that’s why the letters are evoluted from small…
May 8, 201112870 views3d logos
Logo for website creator AVITO with quality work like swiss watches.
May 8, 20113255 views3d logos
Logo for luxury leather sofa manufacturer.
May 8, 20113532 views3d logos
Logo for portable exhibition stands producer from Czech Republic. Main idea of this logo is based on the portable stands, which you…
May 8, 20112785 views3d logos
JUKO logo was designed for dog and cat food seller with all corporate identity.
May 8, 20112833 views3d logos
JUREK logo was designed for famous Czech outdoor equipmnet producer. The main idea of this logo is based on basic navigation symbol,…
May 8, 20112786 views3d logos
MAN-LOCK was designed for mobile safe product. The main idea of this logo is the basic red button, which the MAN-LOCK is…
May 8, 20113329 views3d logos
Santech Plus logo was designed for Czech bath tubes producer. The logo was awarded in First CorelDraw Competition by 3rd place in…
May 8, 20113301 views3d logos
Vegas Rock Dog
Logo for a line of rock & roll inspired pet clothing. I’m totally serious.
May 5, 20114313 viewsAnimal, clothes, Design, Fashion, logomark, Logos, Store
Stephan Gunsaulus Photography
Logo identity for a local portrait, commercial and editorial photographer
May 5, 20112481 viewsPhotography
Conceptual logo for a website dedicated to reviewing, categorizing, and previewing a multitude of mobile apps.
May 5, 20112921 viewsRestaurant
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