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Concept for an e-books shop
May 25, 20117555 viewsEducational
Incast is a combination of the words Inca and Caste. Concept for a restaurant.
May 21, 20112337 viewsRestaurant
Egg Thief
Very funny mark for clothing/t-shirt, fast food and more. The name can be changed also in Egg Mac:-)
May 21, 20113619 viewsFood & Wine
Viaviva is a very nice minimal and geometrical brand. It consists only from the “V” (look inside the font:- Well for bars…
May 21, 20112206 viewsEntertainment
Creative Tools
Creative tools is a very well brand for design and creative services. Created for the Organisation that promote kids with art…
May 21, 20112988 viewsArt
Chic is a very funny and nice mark for fashion area and more – to anything else that you may see…
May 21, 20113496 viewsLogos
online farm market
May 18, 20114880 viewsFarming
Crimson Pies
Media company
May 18, 20113101 viewsAdvertising
Logo for a financial investing company.
May 17, 20112871 viewsFinancial
Figure Nine Logo
Figure Nine, Inc. is a small bookkeeping/accounting firm in the Indianapolis area. The logo was to be clean-looking yet bold, and we…
May 17, 20113744 viewsAccounting
Curly Cat
Curly cat is a small event studio located in Sofia/Bulgaria.Working mainly on children charity projects .
May 17, 20113784 viewsAnimal
London Urban Films
This brand suitable for: •Film Company•Film Awards•Film Editing Studio•Production Movie House•Filmmaker•Digital online movie rentals For sale at www.revotype.com
May 16, 20112626 viewsArt
Andriyanov Maksim
Logotype for russian photographer Maksim Andriyanov.
May 14, 20113168 viewsPhotography
Logo for marine equipment service and marine trading company.
May 14, 20112155 viewsIndustrial
Logotype for a company operating in the field of electronic paper technology.
May 14, 20112437 viewsElectronics
May 14, 20114283 viewsScience
May 14, 20112240 viewsEducational
ON Construction
Construction company in Bodrum (Turkey), which operates in a construction business, tourism and real estate investments.
May 14, 20117222 viewsConstruction
Beer – combination of hive and beer.
May 14, 20113509 viewsRestaurant
Papeterie Haute-Ville
Logo for the stationer’s store, the part of a large network of office furniture all around Québec.
May 14, 201112730 viewsKids
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