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anniversary logo for a brand identity consulting firm based in mexico.
November 29, 20168245 viewsDesign
brand identity for an art gallery based in mexico.
September 7, 20164650 viewsArt
University Pharmacy
Logo for University Pharmacy. Letters A (for Apteka – means pharmacy in polish) and U (for University) creates an icon of a…
March 7, 20164898 viewsHealth
Rocket Pizza
Logo for a fast delivery pizza.
March 5, 20169583 viewsFood & Wine
Suburban Farmer
Logo design for a agricultural website blog for modern farmers.
February 6, 201632446 viewsLogos
LightPass.org Logo
Client work.
February 6, 20163154 viewsLogos
The Daily MD
Logo design for medical blog.
February 6, 20162525 viewsLogos
The Alchemist Logo
Logo design for Alchemist – beard oil.
February 6, 20163056 viewsLogos
Norwegian Pride
Logo design from 2013. for Norwegian clothing manufacturer.
February 6, 20161988 viewsLogos
Working on identity for CTP and digital print house.
February 6, 20163324 viewsProduction
Trakt & Tone
Logo for private music school in Norway.
February 5, 20162488 viewsLogos
Simple Interships Logo Stamp
Stamp design for new company that organizes worldwide internships and helping people get employed.
February 4, 20162623 viewsLogos
Harley Gray
Harley Gray Kitchen & Bar
November 24, 20152932 viewsBar
brand identity for an architectural firm based in mexico.
July 30, 20153326 viewsArchitecture
brand identity for a wine store based in mexico.
January 10, 20153588 viewsStore
ws arquitectos™
brand identity for an architectural company based in mexico.
January 9, 20155681 viewsArchitecture
Fusion Freeze Creamery
Using the power of the instant freezing properties of liquid nitrogen, owners of Utah’s Fusion Freeze Creamery offer clients the ability not…
November 24, 201425862 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Science, Store, Travel
This logo was created for Hume Lake Christian Camps for their off-road/motocross annual event for men (Dudes In Rugged Terrain).
November 24, 201415976 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Sports, Transport, Travel
Soweto Collection
Soweto Collection is a fashion brand from Soweto Week, I was asked to make a monogram, so I decided to keep it…
July 12, 201438743 viewsBranding, Fashion, Logos
Daniel Meza (Personal Logo)
After days of sketching, 1 year ago, I came with this Logo, the one I am using as my personal brand. The…
July 11, 20145885 viewsBranding, logomark, Logos
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