Jeffrey Mardis has served in the graphic design field since 1993. In August 2010, Jeff launched Logo Planet Laboratory Graphic Design Studio so he could focus exclusively on logo and trademark design. Concerning his love and passion for the field Jeff says; "Logos must convey a big idea in a small package. They must communicate the entire feel and spirit of the companies they represent into one single, simple, compact graphic representation - and that's not always easy. But for me, therein lies the love and challenge." Jeff's underlying philosophy for logo design is simple - literally - saying that Leonardo da Vinci summed it up best when he stated; "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." You may visit Jeff at

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Jeffrey commented on Space Ace Playing Cards 28 March 2012, 06:52
Thank you, gentlemen, for the kind words. : )
Jeffrey commented on Flickshooter 13 March 2012, 17:31
How can anyone not like this cowboy. Very Cool!
Jeffrey commented on BodyParts 13 March 2012, 17:30
I love this mark. Super talented with letter craftsmanship.
Jeffrey commented on Crimson Pies 13 March 2012, 17:28
Awesome letter work!
Jeffrey commented on Chic 13 March 2012, 17:27
Love the look, the font and the style, great mark. Congrats on winning at BotW.
Jeffrey commented on Fashion Folder 13 March 2012, 17:23
Great work.
Jeffrey commented on Pelican 13 March 2012, 17:22
Love this one.
Jeffrey commented on Ecosaver 13 March 2012, 17:19
Love the simplicity, the font and the lil' bird – excellent work.
Jeffrey commented on Hotel Productions 13 March 2012, 17:16
I love this sign. Simply awesome!
Jeffrey commented on Toad King 13 March 2012, 17:13
I dig the frog man, good work.
Jeffrey commented on Fear Door 13 March 2012, 17:11
Very nice...and creepy too.
Jeffrey commented on Banjo Cat 13 March 2012, 17:11
Banjo Cat is Banjo Cool!
Jeffrey commented on Insomnia 2 13 March 2012, 17:10
Awesome work, love the strong contrast. : )
Jeffrey commented on CROCODHILL 13 March 2012, 17:09
Very nice work.
Jeffrey commented on Bazooka 13 March 2012, 17:07
Love the simplicity of this one.
Jeffrey commented on WOWCHA! 13 March 2012, 17:06
Love the kooky aspect. Very nice.
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