Combination mark

brand identity for a transport services company based in mexico.
March 27, 2018226 viewsTransport
paloma roque™
brand identity for a clinical nutrition specialist based in mexico.
February 10, 2018457 viewsHealth
anniversary logo for a brand identity consulting firm based in mexico.
November 28, 2017556 viewsDesign
Futura Capital
A Logo created for a financial company. Strong, modern, loyal, reliable, solid, contemporary, simple, clean and direct.
October 19, 2017809 viewsBusiness, Financial, Real estate
Event Helpers
Identity developed for an event planniing business. Logo is based on the company’s owner initials “TJ” and incorporates symbolic representation of a…
May 3, 20166507 viewsBranding
Keys of Art
In the designer’s words: An elegant logo infused with meaning. Functional both in the color version and in the version in black…
August 29, 20132469 viewsArt, Entertainment, Logos
RESCUE is a logo that gives security thanks to a shield and a black font. Suitable for team working for security. Teams…
August 13, 20131916 viewsBusiness, Logos, Security, Services
Toppen (magnificently in swedish) — brand of eco-friendly goods for home: – nature-safe household chemicals – organic cosmetics – baby products, etc. …
March 25, 20132154 viewsAnimal, Business, Eco Friendly, Logos, Nature, Production
Williamson Pottery
Design for a local Potterer. Inspiration: A lot of people have referenced that famous scene from the movie Ghost (starring Demi Moore…
August 28, 20111883 viewsArt
Smart Writer
Very good brand for every kind of office and buisness serviceses and also nice for bookstores or office supplies.
August 22, 20112352 viewsBusiness, Logos, Logotype

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