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Hawk Power
Powerful hawk/eagle logo.
March 20, 201710603 viewsLogos
CF Monogram
Personal Logo WIP.
February 23, 201617312 viewsLogos
The Boiler Man
Superhero among plumbers 🙂
February 6, 201622927 viewsLogos
Suburban Farmer
Logo design for a agricultural website blog for modern farmers.
February 6, 201624208 viewsLogos
Right Book
Which book is right? 🙂
February 6, 201628378 viewsLogos
Primusnote Logo
Logo design for a webapp similar to Evernote.
February 6, 201646476 viewsLogos
OneMic Magazine Logo
Logo work for online music magazine. Unused proposal.
February 6, 201646827 viewsLogos
Netspur Logo
Redesigned logo for
February 6, 201611153 viewsLogos Logo
Client work.
February 6, 20162295 viewsLogos
House Dinasty Logo
Logo design for music producer studio.
February 6, 20161585 viewsLogos
The Daily MD
Logo design for medical blog.
February 6, 20161667 viewsLogos
BitxBit Logo
Logo design for innovative IT solutions. Client work.
February 6, 20161714 viewsLogos
The Alchemist Logo
Logo design for Alchemist – beard oil.
February 6, 20162102 viewsLogos
Agile Testers
Client work. Redesign of the old logo for one tester’s community from Brazil.
February 6, 20161550 viewsLogos
StoreFy Logo
Logo design for an online store.
February 6, 20161496 viewsLogos
Norwegian Pride
Logo design from 2013. for Norwegian clothing manufacturer.
February 6, 20161358 viewsLogos
Enwan Logo
Enwan is development and project management company in architecture.
February 5, 20161343 viewsLogos
Centiva Logo
Client work.
February 5, 20161266 viewsLogos
Coda Queue
Coda Queue is a software for the queues management within waiting rooms (doctors, shops and similar).
February 5, 20161207 viewsLogos
Trakt & Tone
Logo for private music school in Norway.
February 5, 20161507 viewsLogos
Client’s work.
February 5, 20161486 viewsLogos
Simple Interships Logo Stamp
Stamp design for new company that organizes worldwide internships and helping people get employed.
February 4, 20161498 viewsLogos
Sticky S
Exploring with letters. Just for fun 🙂
February 4, 20161345 viewsLogos
Accepted logo for new SEO company called ThriveGround. Motto: “Let’s thrive together!”
February 3, 20161291 viewsLogos
Photo Tours Abroad
Worldwide photography tours and workshops.
March 2, 20153559 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Photography, Transport, Travel
Red Shoes
An ambigram for a brand of shoes. A brand youthful and enterprising, who wants to stand out on the market. Easily reproducible…
December 30, 20145113 viewsFashion, Logos, Products, Store
Fusion Freeze Creamery
Using the power of the instant freezing properties of liquid nitrogen, owners of Utah’s Fusion Freeze Creamery offer clients the ability not…
November 24, 201417684 viewsBusiness, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant, Science, Store, Travel
This logo was created for Hume Lake Christian Camps for their off-road/motocross annual event for men (Dudes In Rugged Terrain).
November 24, 201415020 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Sports, Transport, Travel
Soweto Collection
Soweto Collection is a fashion brand from Soweto Week, I was asked to make a monogram, so I decided to keep it…
July 12, 201438028 viewsBranding, Fashion, Logos
Daniel Meza (Personal Logo)
After days of sketching, 1 year ago, I came with this Logo, the one I am using as my personal brand. The…
July 11, 20144938 viewsBranding, logomark, Logos
Design for an importer of grass-fed cattle products. Logo has been presented in both english & cyrillic formats.
May 7, 20142574 viewsFarming, Logos
M monogram for a motion, 3D and audio/visual designer.
April 16, 20143466 viewsDesign, logomark, Logos, Production, Video
Logo mark for Cristalia, a store that sells crystal glass items (drink ware, home decoration etc.). The crystal is manufactured in Bohemia…
April 15, 20146164 viewsBusiness, Furniture, logomark, Logos, Store
Greek Guide Dogs
Greek guide dogs. Art Direction for Greek Design Awards EBGE contest
April 2, 201412821 viewsBranding, Design, Entertainment, Logos
Elegant logo wich combines a letter “G” inside griffin’s body a magnificent mythological creature, great logo suitable for a wide range of…
February 25, 20143525 viewsAnimal, Business, Logos
Online website community for readers and book recommendations.
February 10, 201412422 viewsEducation, Educational, Entertainment, Internet, Logos, social, website
Deadbox – Logo for a paintball training system.
February 4, 201416247 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Sports
Odyssey Outdoor
Odyseey Outdoor – Something we created for an outdoor sports retailer, specialising in everything outdoors from camping, hiking, running etc.
January 14, 20142428 viewsAdventure, Entertainment, Logos, Sports, Store, Travel
Catfish Junction
Catfish Junction – A logo created for a restaurant specialising in seafood.
January 11, 201414560 viewsFood & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Clinton Hall
Clinton Hall – A new logo created for an upmarket beer hall in downtown NY.
January 10, 20145543 viewsBar, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
M / monogram
M / monogram I did for a friend, who’s an illustrator.
December 16, 20134388 viewsCalligraphy, logomark, Logos, Monogram
Hongi Brand mark for an Asian fashion & lifestyle brand, which sells luxury leather goods. A few keywords that I had to…
November 19, 20134075 viewsLogos
The aim of «S.T.o.Re» project is to offer physicians a respectable intellectual framework – no longer rooted in this old-fashioned mind/body dualism…
November 13, 20132855 viewsHealth, Logos, Medical, Services
Rustica logo of fine workmanship for a steakhouse. Detailed and clean, easily adaptable ache for a restaurant.
November 7, 201313352 viewsFood & Wine, Logos, Restaurant
Muzeum Slaska Cieszynskiego
Muzeum Slaska Cieszynskiego – Museum Cieszyn Silesia logo. Castle tower.
October 23, 20137180 viewsArchitecture, Entertainment, Logos, Travel
Action on Eating Disorders
Action on Eating Disorders. This logo making for Anasa organization
October 17, 20134183 viewsHealth, Logos
Photographer’s Branding
Branding and Corporate identity for the photographer Stefania Vryoni in Athens / Greece
October 15, 20132885 viewsBranding, Entertainment, Logos, Photography
Bassis / Home made Honey Greece
Branding for home made honey “BASSIS / Μπάσης”.
October 14, 201316389 viewsAnimal, Branding, Business, Food & Wine, Logos

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