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pizelato™ is an award-winning design consultancy firm based in mexico, specialized in corporate design such as branding development and corporate identity systems, pizelato™ was created in 2001 and formally established since 2002 by graphic designer ivan abbadie, its creative director. throughout its history pizelato™ has been recognized and awarded in several countries such as france, china, united states, germany, slovakia, italy, england, netherlands, russia, indonesia, hong kong, taiwan, brazil, malaysia, korea and, of course, in mexico, in addition its work has been published in graphic design books and specialized magazines in america, europe and asia, result of passion and continuous effort in each project.

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brand identity for a construction services firm based in mexico.
February 27, 2017648 viewsConstruction
brand identity for a real estate services company based in mexico.
February 27, 2017590 viewsReal estate
anniversary logo for a brand identity consulting firm based in mexico.
November 29, 2016969 viewsDesign
brand identity for an art gallery based in mexico.
September 7, 20161221 viewsArt
brand identity for a professional graphic design studio based in mexico.
June 6, 20161709 viewsDesign
brand identity for a craft finished service company based in mexico.
June 6, 20161221 viewsServices
brand identity for a restoration firm based in mexico.
June 6, 20161103 viewsArchitecture
fundación o’connell™
brand identity for an altruism foundation based in mexico.
June 6, 20161210 viewssocial
brand identity for a real estate company based in mexico.
April 6, 20161206 viewsReal estate
brand identity for a multidisciplinary familiar company based in mexico.
April 6, 20161247 viewsFinancial
cobra plate™
brand identity for a worldwide welding company.
April 5, 20161059 viewsIndustrial
almuerzos del moral™
brand identity for a mexican breakfast restaurant.
April 5, 20161419 viewsRestaurant
brand identity for a dermatology clinic based in mexico.
August 25, 20151692 viewsHealth
brand identity for a family company based in mexico.
August 10, 20151717 viewsTravel
el tenedor de villa™
brand identity for a mexican cuisine restaurant based in spain.
August 5, 20152129 viewsRestaurant
brand identity for a local water council based in mexico.
August 3, 20151695 viewsServices
brand identity for an architectural firm based in mexico.
July 30, 20151863 viewsArchitecture
brand identity for a catering company based in mexico.
January 12, 20153392 viewsServices
brand identity for a wine store based in mexico.
January 10, 20151971 viewsStore
ws arquitectos™
brand identity for an architectural company based in mexico.
January 9, 20153936 viewsArchitecture

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