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pizelato™ is an award-winning design consultancy firm based in mexico, specialized in corporate design such as branding development and corporate identity systems, pizelato™ was created in 2001 and formally established since 2002 by graphic designer ivan abbadie, its creative director. throughout its history pizelato™ has been recognized and awarded in several countries such as france, china, united states, germany, slovakia, italy, england, netherlands, russia, indonesia, hong kong, taiwan, brazil, malaysia, korea and, of course, in mexico, in addition its work has been published in graphic design books and specialized magazines in america, europe and asia, result of passion and continuous effort in each project.

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pizelato™ commented on pizelato™ 28 November 2017, 19:52
thank you, leo!
pizelato commented on ruum™ 04 February 2014, 20:51
thank you!
pizelato commented on Theodaoraki 28 January 2014, 00:34
nice logo!
pizelato commented on Gargantua 07 August 2013, 17:27
very impressive logo design!

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