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Pecora nera design shop is a graphic design studio established in 2009 in Athens, Greece by Andronikos Deligiannis, a graphic designer with more than 10 years experience.

Specialised in visual communication, branding, creative direction and printed media, our studio has developed several projects such as corporate identities, packaging and websites.
Our team of experts thoroughly examine all parameters in order to come up with cutting edge, customized marketing and promotional tools.

Pecora nera has been recognised and awarded in several countries such as France, China and United States. Its work, result of passion and continuous effort, has been published in graphic design books and specialised web sites.

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leonardo da vinci™
brand identity for an education institute based in mexico.
August 12, 20131677 viewsEducation
brand identity for an office building based in mexico.
August 8, 20131766 viewsBusiness
brand identity for a supermarket based in low population towns in mexico.
August 7, 20132571 viewsStore
pro-communications & productions™
brand identity for a translation services firm based in the usa.
August 5, 20132008 viewsServices
n&g soft inc™
brand identity for a systems development company based in mexico.
July 31, 20131901 viewsSoftware
brand identity for a trading company based in mexico.
July 29, 20131828 viewsManagement
eco llantas™
brand identity for a revitalized tires company based in mexico.
July 27, 20133020 viewsTransport
brand identity for an education magazine based in mexico.
July 26, 20133624 viewsEducation
administra tu futuro™
business stationery for a financial services company based in mexico.
April 17, 20132036 viewsFinancial
brand identity for a professional graphic design studio based in mexico.  
April 15, 20133950 viewsDesign

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