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Simple and professional eagle/falcon logo.
Space Journey
Simple and professional logo that represents a combination of a space helmet and a star.
July 5, 20171659 viewsAdventure, Branding, Communication, Computer, Entertainment, Internet, logomark
American Force
Simple but strong bull logo with the colors of the American flag.
July 5, 20173468 viewsAnimal, Branding, Marketing, Media, Software
This simple and modern logo represents the toucan forming a circle. The colors are fresh and modern with a vibrant touch!
March 30, 20172892 viewsAnimal
Organic Field
A land field in the sunset. This logo is suitable for organic company, organic products, health company, farming, agriculture company etc…
March 30, 20171472 viewsFarming
Creative Talent
A great logo for video production company, showbusiness, photography, entertainment and media…
March 23, 20174043 viewsBranding
Hawk Power
Powerful hawk/eagle logo.
March 20, 20178412 viewsLogos

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