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Rocket Pizza
Logo for a fast delivery pizza.
March 5, 20163753 viewsFood & Wine
Working on identity for CTP and digital print house.
February 6, 20161311 viewsProduction
Accepted logo for new SEO company called ThriveGround. Motto: “Let’s thrive together!”
February 3, 20161032 viewsLogos
Muzeum Slaska Cieszynskiego
Muzeum Slaska Cieszynskiego –¬†Museum Cieszyn Silesia logo. Castle tower.
October 23, 20135479 viewsArchitecture, Entertainment, Logos, Travel
Knight’s Tie
“Knight’s Tie” is a logo that depicts two symbols shaped within one! The first symbol is a sword and the second is…
March 26, 20131903 viewsBusiness, Internet, Logos, Media, Production, Software
Industrial ultrasonic cleaners.
November 21, 20121901 viewsBusiness, Industrial, Logotype
Producer of timber houses. Client wanted to emphasize quality, nature, beauty, uniqueness, trust and avoid references to traditional symbols (roofs, doors, windows,…
November 17, 20122047 viewsLogotype

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