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This simple and modern logo represents the toucan forming a circle. The colors are fresh and modern with a vibrant touch!
March 30, 2017155 viewsAnimal
Organic Field
A land field in the sunset. This logo is suitable for organic company, organic products, health company, farming, agriculture company etc…
March 30, 2017103 viewsFarming
Hawk Power
Powerful hawk/eagle logo.
March 20, 2017226 viewsLogos
brand identity for a construction services firm based in mexico.
February 27, 2017306 viewsConstruction
brand identity for a real estate services company based in mexico.
February 27, 2017352 viewsReal estate
anniversary logo for a brand identity consulting firm based in mexico.
November 29, 2016636 viewsDesign
brand identity for an art gallery based in mexico.
September 7, 2016935 viewsArt
Three Little Chicks
A cute logo formed by three yellow chicks
September 5, 2016674 viewsAnimal
Logo Design purpose for Bramwell
Logo Design purpose for Bramwell This logo can be purchased from saostudiogfx@yahoo.com  
July 27, 2016791 viewsFashion
Heavenly Networking
Identity developed for an informal networking group. Logo symbol combines notions of a coffee/tea cup – alluding to informal nature of the group; speech…
May 3, 20161153 viewsBranding
almuerzos del moral™
brand identity for a mexican breakfast restaurant.
April 5, 20161210 viewsRestaurant
Polish Space Agency
Logo for a contest for Polish Space Agency. Logo shows a planet and arrows as a ‘reaching for the stars’ symbol. It’s…
March 10, 2016915 viewsScience
Lonely Cat
Logo for a home/micro brewery.
March 3, 20161837 viewsFood & Wine
CF Monogram
Personal Logo WIP.
February 23, 20163588 viewsLogos
The Boiler Man
Superhero among plumbers 🙂
February 6, 20166641 viewsLogos
Suburban Farmer
Logo design for a agricultural website blog for modern farmers.
February 6, 201610875 viewsLogos
Right Book
Which book is right? 🙂
February 6, 201613128 viewsLogos
OneMic Magazine Logo
Logo work for online music magazine. Unused proposal.
February 6, 201640123 viewsLogos
LightPass.org Logo
Client work.
February 6, 20161411 viewsLogos
The Daily MD
Logo design for medical blog.
February 6, 2016969 viewsLogos

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