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My name is José and I'm a self-thaught graphic designer from the Netherlands, working with clients all over the world. I like everything where I can use my creativity to create new things, although I have a main focus on logo design.
I'm passionate about original typography and I believe in less is more, something you'll find in my designs. My designs characterize themselves by simplicity with a quirky twist.
My work has been published in several books regarding logo design, design related blogs and articles and a number of online logo design galleries.
I'm always interested in new projects or opportunities, so if you like to discuss a new project, my work or your work, feel free to contact me.

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M monogram for a motion, 3D and audio/visual designer.
April 16, 20147708 viewsDesign, logomark, Logos, Production, Video
Logo mark for Cristalia, a store that sells crystal glass items (drink ware, home decoration etc.). The crystal is manufactured in Bohemia…
April 15, 20147039 viewsBusiness, Furniture, logomark, Logos, Store
M / monogram
M / monogram I did for a friend, who’s an illustrator.
December 16, 20134731 viewsCalligraphy, logomark, Logos, Monogram
ARC Fotografia
Monogram / logo for ARC Fotografia
December 2, 20135013 viewslogomark
Hongi Brand mark for an Asian fashion & lifestyle brand, which sells luxury leather goods. A few keywords that I had to…
November 19, 20134270 viewsLogos
N mark
Monogram / mark for a sunglass brand.
October 11, 20133307 viewslogomark, Logos, Monogram, Products
Basic Invite – rebranding
Rebranding for Basic Invite, a company that provides (wedding) invites and stationary.
September 10, 20132658 viewsWeddings
Handlettering ‘Shabby’. Collaboration with Gert van Duinen (
July 25, 201311386 viewsCalligraphy, Logos, Logotype
K/A Monogram
K/A monogram for a fashion designer.
July 9, 20135938 viewsLogotype
Logo design for Blossom, wedding photography. Client asked for a simple, graphical element as a logo, that is also easy to use…
May 30, 20133137 viewsEntertainment, Logos, Photography, Services
J/S monogram
JS monogram for a New York based fashion designer.
May 24, 201314787 viewsFashion
Sweet Drops
Custom hand lettering for Sweet Drops, a cosmetic company that sells organic cosmetic. They donate 40{4942eaed31538d618dfa166427ec33dd1631cde81de3e4ab2454953d8176f916} of their proceeds to to help…
May 21, 20133137 viewsBeauty, Calligraphy, Logotype
Social Sway
Custom (hand) lettering for Social Sway, a company based in Caïro, that provides internet marketing & business development for sustainable businesses, social…
April 19, 20132535 viewswebsite
Logo design Hope. (Hand lettering)
April 18, 201311336 viewsCalligraphy, Logos, Logotype
FF monogram
Hand lettered FF monogram. One of the proposals for Finnish Indie Band French Films. Collaboration with my wonderful friend Gert van Duinen…
March 18, 20132673 viewsVintage
H Monogram
H monogram mark for a High Tea company.
March 13, 201312399 viewsLogotype
Wordmark for Lolita.
January 16, 20132652 viewsBeauty, clothes, Fashion, Logos, Logotype, Store
Logodesign ‘Sway’.
November 23, 20122392 viewsLogotype
Sir Jones
Sir Jones specializes in stylish and high quality products, throws and scarfs, made from 100{4942eaed31538d618dfa166427ec33dd1631cde81de3e4ab2454953d8176f916} wool.
August 22, 20122853 viewsclothes, Fashion, Logos, Store
High Peek Images 2
Logo design for High Peek Images. High Peek Images specializes in scenic / landscape photography.
August 17, 20122384 viewsAdventure, Art, Entertainment, Logos, Nature, Parks, Photography, Production, studio, Travel
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