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Creative Squall is a graphic design firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area specializing in creating integrated brand experiences headed by Tad Dobbs. We build brands from the ground up, or give identities a refresh to help weather the changing marketplace. Our team handles everything from logo design to brand launch campaigns. Unleash the forces of Creative Squall to harness the power of your brand!

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HRx Analysts
Marketing research firm for the HR industry.
June 24, 20111676 viewsBusiness
Kilowatt Electric Bikes
A high-end electric bike manufacturer. Their flagship bike has a bamboo frame.
June 24, 20112243 viewsManufacturing
Hotel Productions
An online video/film production network that likens itself to a hotel concierge.
June 22, 20111557 viewsVideo
Club Cricket
Unused logo comp for a Cricket Wireless rewards program.
June 21, 20112064 viewsCommunication
Scientific Notation
A copywriting company specializing in writing for the science, medical and pharmaceutical fields.
June 21, 20111645 viewsAdvertising
R. Rooster BBQ Company
Final logo for a barbecue restaurant and catering business.
June 21, 20111779 viewsRestaurant
Logo for my book of sketches inspired by songs.
June 21, 20111473 viewsDesign
An adaptive logo for an HRO provider. Work done with another agency.
June 20, 20111941 viewsBusiness
Inspirus Unused Logo & Product Logo Comps
Logo and product logo comps for a rewards and recognition provider. Work done with another agency.
June 20, 20112750 viewsBusiness
Creative Squall
The mark plays off the duel meanings of the word squall, the sound of a war-cry or the roar of a strong…
June 20, 20112035 viewsDesign

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